Film Production

Return Of The Cuckoo
Return Of The Cuckoo
  • Presents by
    Ample Ideas Pictures Limited
    Sun Entertainment Culture Limited
    China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited
    Sil-Metropole Organisation Limited
    Long Motion Pictures Limited
    Beijing Hao Yue Xing Tao Sports Cultural Media Company Limited
  • Producers
    Allen Chan Albert Lee
  • Directed by
    Patrick Kong
  • Screenplay
    Patrick Kong
  • Cast
    Chi Lam Cheung
    Charmaine Sheh
    Joe Chen

    Nancy Sit

  • Genre
    Romance and Drama
  • Hong Kong Screening Date
    12 NOV 2015
Movie Trailer

During the day of the handover of Macau in 1999, Man-Cho (Chi Lam Cheung), Kiki (Joe Chen) and a group of neighbors were celebrating with Aunty Q (Nancy Sit) for her birthday. Kwan-Ho migrated to the US for some years, she was also appeared in the birthday party which give a surprise to all people. However, Man-Cho discovered Kwan Ho is always inclined in silence and look very preoccupied. 

Kam-Sing (Michael Tong) who had made his name as a casino tycoon, came with his lover Mei Ling (Jacquline Ch’ng) and his assistant Billy (Wilfred Lau) came congratulating Aunty Q’s birthday, but was arrested on illegal operation of peripheral casino and sentenced to seven years.

At the same night, Man-Cho receives the news that Lai-Sun has died in a car accident, Man-Cho was worried and followed Kwan-ho to the hotel, which stopped her to commit suicide. After Kwan-ho being fully recovered from hospital. She is always reticent and occupied by thoughts, so Man-Cho, Aunty Q and Kiki tried their best to help her extricate from grief and be her true self with ardent in life and family.

After few years, Kam-Sing is released and becomes the ticket seller at ferry terminal. Man-cho and Kwan-ho found a way to meet the biggest landlord in Macau, Chan Man Shan, which was looking for a chance in helping Kam-Sing to start a new career. However, Chan declined their request. Kam-Sing has disappeared since then.

Few years later, Kam-Sing has also returned to Macau. He is now a senior executive of a multinational corporate, competing for a series of new real estate projects in developing districts. They are happy for his return in doing what he does best.

After many years of hardship, Man-Cho, Kwan-Ho, Kam-Sing and Aunty Q have experienced the joys and sorrows of life. Most important is that they are still together, striving, sharing and rejoicing. Out of the blue, Man-Cho learns that his cancer is in the terminal stage with less than half year to live…