Film Production

Imprisoned: Survival Guide For Rich And Prodigal
Imprisoned: Survival Guide For Rich And Prodigal
  • Presents by
    Sun Ebtertainment Culture Limited
    China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited
  • Executive Producers
    Chau Cheok Wa
    Stephen Shiu Junior
    Alex Dong
  • Producers
    Allen Chan
    Albert Lee
  • Directed by
    Christopher Sun
  • Screenplay
    Shum Shek Yin
    Mark Wu
    Christopher Sun
    Nero Ng
  • Cast
    Gregory Wong

    Justin Cheung


    Tommy Wong

    Lam Suet

    Deon Cheung

    Raymond Ho
  • Genre
  • Hong Kong Screening Date
    28 MAY 2015
Movie Trailer

This is a story in jail. A story about learing a "new life"...

Richard Yu, a typical fop,hits a passers-by when drink-driving and is sentenced to one year in jail.

Contrary to what the outside world believes, life behind bars is not full of atrocity. Much to his surprise, it is a secluded world of its kind.This world has its own rules; the survival tip from his cellmate Uncle Tat says it all, "give way, and ger a way." As one learns the rules of survival, one can pass his time peacefully in jail.

Uncle Tat teaches Richard many survival tactics, which helps him get by pretty well. Another friend Wu also watches over him, but Wu commits suicide before his release. Much to Richard's grief, it is rumoured that the insult of his daughter the outside world induces Wu's death. The prime suspect in Richard's mind is the newly transferred cellmate Jack. He's not only against Richard in all aspects but also acts like a tyrant in jail., even the cell bosses Seatto and Coyote are somewhat fearful of him.

HIs half a year jail life allows Richard to realise his shortcomings in the past, disappointing his loving mother and is ungrateful to Mayo, his girlfriend of four years.

After experiencing a series of event, Richard's release date finally comes. He is like a baby reborn to this world, learning to live a new life.