Film Production

Undercover Duet
Undercover Duet
  • Presents by
    Ample Ideas Pictures Limited
    Cheers Studio Limited
    China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited
  • Executive Producers
    Aaron Liao
    Ducan Chiu
  • Producers
    Tenky TIn
    Albert Lee
    James Tu
  • Directed by
    Mark Wu
  • Screenplay
    Mark Wu
    Lam Fung
  • Cast
    Ronald Cheng
    Makr Wu
    Ava Liu
  • Genre
    Comedy and Action
  • Hong Kong Screening Date
    27 August, 2015
Movie Trailer

Roger Li, the son of the richest man in town, is involed in a car accident which has soon become the talk of the town. The only witness James. nervous and terrified, denies witnessing the accident and seems to withhold the truth.Veteran undercover cop Dream Dragon and James are old time buddies; with an intention to take advantage of their relationship, Dragon approaches James to investigate this suspeted substitute case.

James and Dragon broke off in the past due to misunderstanding, and as Dragon began his undercover work, they lose contact altogether. Now that they reunite for his case, Dragon tries everything possible to trick James into telling him the truth of the accident. But James is tight-lipped, Dragon has no choice but to use the "truth serum". Unexpectedlly a mysterious figure drugs James in the meantime, he would be in critical condition has Dargon not taken him to the hospital in time.

James' beloved sister Kwan is born with a serious eye disease. Her only wish before losing her sight totally is for James to realise his dream of being a popular superstar. It is the motivation for James to john the the male pageant "Man of China" in hope to win the competition . Meanwhile, James is invited by a renowned director to work abroad on his new international project. However, the shooting period overlaps with the court date of the case.

It turns out that everything is controlled by a mastermind with a premeditated intention yet to be revealed...