Film Production

Delete My Love
Delete My Love
  • Producers
    Allen Chan
  • Directed by
    Patrick Kong
  • Screenplay
    Patrick Kong
  • Cast
    Cho Lam Wong
    Ivana Wong
    Michael Hui
  • Genre
  • Hong Kong Screening Date
    08 May 2014
Movie Trailer

So Po-Wing (Wong Cho-Lam), a nobody who often speaks in an abrupt manner, considers himself being underappreciated. He works at “Get Rich Now Consultants Limited” founded by “The Godfather of MLM” Fat Ma (Michael Hui). Wing’s colleagues often steal his ideas by devious means, bringing his career to a dead end.

Family could have made up for his unsatisfying career, but Wing happens to have a mother who treats him as cash cow. Mrs. So (Yuen Qiu) semi-retires when Wing begins taking up summer jobs at sixteen. She lives an idle life by squeezing every penny out of him.

Wing has neither career satisfaction nor warmth from family, to top it up, he even makes wrong friends. His good friend Wah-Dee (Alex Fong) whose aimless loyalty always gets him into trouble which often embroils Wing. Wing hopes he will change, find a stable job and start afresh.

Despite all the negativity, Wing has a gentle and virtuous childhood sweetheart, Bobo Chung (Ivana Wong), who always comforts him when he is dejected. He always vents his grievance to her, at which she never grumbles. He feels like a real man in front of her, unknowing of his vexatious behaviour. Wing always believes Bobo will never leave him for the world.

Wing receives a weird text message one day, saying: Ever thought of deleting those you dislike? Forward this message to a friend. Wish your wish comes true!

On Wing’s birthday, Fat Ma takes him to the company’s rooftop and fires him with some ridiculous reasons. Wing is aggrieved by the event and accidentally kills Fat Ma in the quarrel. As he moves the body to the car park and puts it in the boot of Fat Ma’s car, he receives the weird text message again, at which he ignores in haste.

After disposing the body, Wing returns to the office and finds Bobo and his colleagues throwing him a surprise birthday party. When Bobo carries the cake to him, he is too downcast to be in joy. Some colleagues notice Fat Ma’s absence, Wing is in trance. The room suddenly fills with applause and cheer when an imposing foreigner (Michael Wong) enters. Wing is confused when everyone addresses him Boss Ma, who even wishes Wing a happy birthday follows by a hug. Breaking away from his embrace, Wing asks who he is, and he answers Fat Ma!

Wing sneaks to take a look in the boot, where he finds it empty! He puts the body in there, and now it’s gone!

As the story continues, how would Wing use this incredible superpower to change his life?

Will Wing live a perfect life happily ever after?

The story has only just begun…