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Ultraman X: The Movie
Ultraman X: The Movie
  • Directed by
    Kiyotaka Taguchi
  • Cast
    Kensuke Takahashi
    Hosoda Yoshihiko
    Ukyô Matsumoto
    Akane Sakanoue
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In the ancient times, hell was sealed in the remains of Baraji. A greedy archaelogist named Carlos Kurosaki challenged this saying & broke the seal & because of this, the Devil Beast Zaigorg was revived and is going to turn this world into Hell. In front of his fearful power, Ultraman X's Light vanishes. ​Will this world end like this? Xio Members took the help of an archaelogist named Tsukasa Tamaki. With her help they have decided to finds the Mysterious Power no matter what happens. This mysterious power which they are searching which is the key to seal Zaigorg. ​In the middle of despair, Yuuto Tamaki's strong feelings towards his mother Tsukasa creates a miracle: Ultraman & Ultraman Tiga appears! All Ultra Heroes who have gathered &Xio members decide to defeat Zaigorg & his monster army.