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Always Be With You
Always Be With You
  • Directed by
    Herman Yau
  • Producers
  • Cast
    Louis Koo
    Julian Cheung
    Lam Ka Tung
    Charlene Choi
    Charmaine Sheh
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David was drunk and lost control of his car to opposite lane. The off-duty police officer, Sam and his wife Ah Si was able to avoid the collision and kept safe by switching their steering wheel immediately. David’s car smashed Patrick’s car on opposite lane eventually. Patrick was killed. Ms Xiao Hung after breaking up with her boyfriend, she committed suicide by jumping off a building and hit exactly on the top of Patrick’s car.


The crematorium worker, Zhi Qiang, he steals a pair of 24k gold bracelets from funerary objects for paying his debts. Patrick’s wife, Yu Yin would like to fulfill his husband last wish in running the vacation house. However, a series of strange cases are kept on happening at this house. And Jimmy’s vinyl is kept to appear at Sam and Ah Si’s apartment even though they have throw it away few times. Those people who are involved in the car accident are tied with strange events.