Film Distribution

  • Directed by
    Love LEE
  • Cast
    KIM Soo-hyun
    SUNG Dong-il
    LEE Sung-min
    CHOI Jin-ri
    JO Woo-jin
Movie Trailer

Great conspiracy and gang war surrounding the biggest casino in Asia

“Someone who is mimicking me has suddenly appeared”



Mob boss JANG Tae-young is about to open doors to ‘Siesta’, a flashy and luxurious new casino. But when CHO Won-geun, a mob boss of a rival gang, demands half of the stake of the casino, JANG is on the verge of losing control of it. In the midst of this potentially devastating situation, there is a sliver of hope as an unexpected investor comes along with a proposal JANG cannot refuse. This investor turns out to be a great admirer of JANG Tae-young and when they first meet, he’s wearing a mask. When his face is finally revealed, he looks and sounds exactly like JANG Tae-young himself. JANG is dumbfounded and weirded out by the fact that the person he has to rely on to get rid of CHO, might be someone who has unhealthy obsession towards him. Little by little, the conspiracy and secrets surrounding these two mirroring characters are brought to the surface.



Only the REAL one takes all!