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Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield
  • Directed by
    Lu Yang
  • Cast
    Zhang Zhen
    Yang Mi
    Zhang Yi
    Lei Jiayin
    Xin Zhilei
    Chin Shih-Chieh

The film is set in the late Ming Dynasty when the emperor is seriously ill and the eunuch Wei Zhongxian is in
power. Shen Lian is a loyal warrior from Imperial Assassin, which is a secret police group in the palace. Shen
witnesses his colleague and best friend Yin Chen committed suicide due to the literary persecution.
Bei Zhai is a painter in seclusion. Shen gets an order to kill her because the paintings imply the revolt. But he
finally sets free Bei Zhai out of sympathy and appreciation, which give rise to a conflict with his colleague.
Shen kills his colleague by accident and tries to cover up it as a result of self-defense. A secret group finds him
and asks him to betray the emperor; otherwise they threaten to disclose his crime.
Shen has no choice but to yield to this secret group temporarily. During that time, Shen finds out that Lu
Wenzhao, his leader, keep some hidden secrets behind. Meanwhile, Pei Lun, another warrior, is ordered to
investigate that self-defense death. He misunderstands Shen Lian is the culprit of his friend Yin Chen’s death.
Thus, he is always against Shen.
Shen Lian and Bei Zhai are gradually attracted by each other when they are in hiding. Eventually, Shen Lian,
Bei Zhai and Pei Lun join hand and try to find out the truth. They are involved in a dreadful political struggle
and their lives are threatened.