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Beyond Skyline
Beyond Skyline
  • Directed by
    Liam O'Donnell
  • Cast
    Frank Grillo
    Jonny Weston
    Bojana Novakovic
    Callan Mulvey
    Iko Uwais
    Betty Gabriel
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Los Angeles Detective Mark Corley (FRANK GRILLO) thought bailing out his eighteen-year-old son, Trent (JONNY WESTON), was the worst part of his day. But on thesubway ride home, the skies above fill with a strange blue light. Within moments,the entire city's population is vacuumed up into a massive alien ship. 
In the aftermath, father and son lead a band of survivors to the marina. But when Trent is abducted, Mark relentlessly storms after his son onto the nightmarishwarship.