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Iceman the time Traveler
Iceman the time Traveler
  • Cast
    Donnie YEN
    WANG Baoqiang
    Simon YAM
    Eva HUANG
    Jiang Shu Ying
    Yasuaki Kurata
  • Directed by
    Yip Wai-Man


Following the showdown on Tsing Ma Bridge, He-Ying and Sao are missing after falling into the sea. The struggle soon becomes the talk of the town, even May is followed by paparazzi. She hides in her friend’s home to avoid being interviewed while searching for He Ying.

Meanwhile, Yuanlong uses the police force to search for them, and eventually finds He-Ying. He gives He-Ying an account of the complete wipeout of Taoyuan Village; He-Ying in grief decides to activate the Golden Wheel of Time and return to the Ming dynasty and rectifythe history.

May’s hideaway is leaked and she is again surrounded by paparazzi. He Ying appears in time to save her and the two re-encounter. Although He-Ying expresses his affection for May, he must return to the Ming dynasty and they bid farewell.   

Yuanlong, He-Ying and Niehu head to Beijing to search for the Golden Wheel of Time. As Yuanlong tells his life after being defrosted 18 years earlier, and how he has been searching for them. He-Ying believes every word he says, not knowing that he is being slowly led to a trap…